One Park Place South Tower Condominium


SITE NAME: One Park Place South Tower Condominium
SECTOR: EV Commercial/Condominium
JOB TYPE: EV Charging Station Installation
ADDRESS: 55 Regent Park Blvd, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


COMPANY OVERVIEW: Located just south of Dundas Street East on Regent Park Boulevard, One Park Place South Tower is part of a dual-tower complex atop a shared podium and the latest addition to Regent Park’s revitalization project. The South Tower stands at 29-storeys and unlike many other downtown Toronto condos, the residences of One Park Place were built to the LEED Gold Certification Standard.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: EVdirect deployed EVSE infrastructure with the following components. One dedicated electrical panel with one Triacta that is designed to multi-meter 12 x Electric Vehicles in the underground garage of this condominium building. All required distribution and service equipment was installed by other contractors but, they did not install a method for metering end users. We were called in to address this issue.