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For many businesses today EVs represent a common sense option for their company vehicles. By choosing commercial EV Charging Station installation by Evolute you ensure that your new electric vehicles are more than a curiosity; they’re an integral part of your long term business plan, reducing your carbon foot print and operating costs.
Bring unparalleled convenience to your electric fleet and drastically decrease your companies environmental impact.

We offer an array of EV Charging Solutions tailored to suit the needs of any commercial property be it an office complex, retail store, hotel, production facility, clinic or hospital. Regardless of your needs we have a solutions to fit any use-case.

We work closely with fleet managers and other members of your team to determine the proper type and placement of EV Charging Stations.

Since we’re not manufacturers, we are free to recommend and install the absolute best EV Charging Station for your particular situation from a needs and more importantly a budget conscious perspective. Our approach assures your EV infrastructure will be a valuable long-term investment for any property.

Level 2

Level 2 chargers also use AC power although they produce 240 instead of 120 volts. The level 2 charger typically takes between 3 and 5 hours to fully charge the battery of an average EV. Level 2 chargers are a popular choice because they’re more affordable than the high end level 3 and 4 chargers. We’re about to see and their charge times are more reasonable than level 1 chargers.

Level 3

DCFC chargers are also known as “Fast Chargers” and for a good reason. By using one of these 480 volt electric chargers you can achieve an 80% charge in about half an hour. This type of charger, which uses DC current rather than AC, is envisioned to gain a larger share of future public charging stations because of their rapid charging capability.

For the moment however they’re hampered somewhat by installation cost and compatibility issues. That said there are certainly some vehicles like the BMW i3 and the Chevy Bolt that can use them now.

Power up your parking

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road continues to increase so does the demand for charging stations.

Despite the increasing numbers of EVs on the Ontario’s roads, only a relative handful of publicly accessible charging stations are available for these vehicles.

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At Evolute Power we specialize in smart, controlled, and monitored power distribution. We focus on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for single dwelling, multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to design and build infrastructure that grows with the needs of the end-users and administrators in a perpetually changing environment. The process all starts with a plan; we determine the needs of the application and assess the infrastructure and capacity to evaluate potential solutions. We work closely with utilities, inspection authorities and our customers to ensure that they are educated and aware of the many options and price points of an expandable system.

Evolute has its own in-house teams of electricians, engineers, auditors, and project managers, ensuring smooth and controlled implementation of any size system.

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