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Industry leading service

When you choose the licensed electricians and electric vehicle experts at Evolute for your residential EV Charging Station installation you’re choosing the company more Ontario residents trust than any other for their
EV Charging Station needs.

At Evolute Power we specialize in smart, controlled, and monitored power distribution. We focus on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for single dwelling, multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to design and build infrastructure that grows with the needs of the end-users and administrators in a perpetually changing environment. The process all starts with a plan; we determine the needs of the application and assess the infrastructure and capacity to evaluate potential solutions. We work closely with utilities, inspection authorities and our customers to ensure that they are educated and aware of the many options and price points of an expandable system.

Evolute has its own in-house teams of electricians, engineers, auditors, and project managers, ensuring smooth and controlled implementation of any size system.

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