Special Project 100 Amp EV Controller Unit for Tesla Wall Connector

SECTOR: EV Residential
JOB TYPE: Residential EV Charging Station Installation/Special Project

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The homeowner wanted the maximum available power for his Tesla wall Connector. The house has an existing 100A panel and after calculating the overall draw on the house it would have required a 200A service upgrade, this would cost $3000-$4000 dollars. EVdirect used a more economical solution that would allow for maximum charging capacity, satisfy ESA requirements and avoid any overload situation. We installed a EV controller unit, this would allow for maximum charging, but when there is a possibility of an overload then the EV charging station would be automatically disconnected until the load has gone back down, at that point the charger would be re-energized. This is a great and economical solution for most 100amp homes that don’t want the extra cost of a service upgrade, but do want maximum charging capacity.